10.3mm Phenom Gym Rope 200m - asst. colours

Sterling Rope

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All 200m ropes come on spools, picture is for colour reference only


10.3 mm Dynamic Gym Rope


Durability is a Sterling hallmark, so the Phenom is constructed to live up to this expectation. Using our higher denier sheath structure, and thermodynamically balanced performance cores, the Phenom is built to last and perform. Featuring a 10.3 mm diameter, this rope hits the sweet spot for handling and gear compatibility. The Phenom is ideal for top rope belays outside, and top rope or lead climbing in today’s modern, high-traffic gyms.


Available Lengths: 30, 40, 100, 200 m


EN 892


Sheath (%) Static Elongation (%)
39 6.5
Weight (g/m) Impact Force (kN)
67 9.0
Dynamic Elongation (%) UIAA Falls
30.6 11