9.8mm Revo Gym Rope 200m - Blue

Sterling Rope

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All 200m ropes come on spools, picture is for colour reference only


9.8 mm Low-Elongation Top Rope


The new 9.8 mm Gym ReVO is a low-elongation rope for top-rope use only. The smaller diameter provides less resistance wrapped around a belay bar anchor making belaying smoother, especially with lighter-weight partners. Improving upon the original double-braid construction, the new ReVO has reduced sheath slippage and will maintain consistent performance for a longer lifespan on the gym wall.


Available Lengths: 40, 100, 200 m


EN 1891 Type A pending

Weight (g/m) Impact Force (kN)
61 5.1
Elong. (50 kg - 150 kg)(%) Static Strength (MBS)
4.1 24kN / 5,400 lb
Sheath Slippage (%) % Sheath by Weight
0.0 35