FlipFuel Fuel Transfer Device

Flip Fuel

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If you’ve ever found yourself with more than one sort-of-full fuel canister, then this little gadget is for you. The FlipFuel is a quick and easy way to turn 2 half-empty canisters into 1 full canister. With fuel canister threads on both sides and a valve that controls much like your canister stove does, the FlipFuel lets you transfer fuel from 1 canister to another. So, whether you want to fill an empty small canister from a large canister for an overnighter, or combine any partial canisters into a couple full ones, the FlipFuel has you covered.

  • Works with isobutane fuel canisters
  • Bleed button lets you vent out excess fuel if you accidentally overfill a canister
  • For best results, your intake canister should be cold, and your output canister should be warm
  • Canisters are marked with content weight, so if you want precise transfers, use a kitchen scale to dial in your fills
  • Use in a well ventilated area