Mag Striker with Tinder Cord

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  •  Flint and magnesium rods are embedded in a robust handle, meaning your grip will not disappear as you shave off the magnesium—unlike with traditional magnesium fire starters
  •  Robust handle offers a large grip to start a fire easily, even with cold fingers
  •  Steel striker has a curved edge to make scraping a pile of magnesium easier and a straight edge for striking against the flint rod
  •  Striking the straight edge against the flint rod creates a shower of sparks to ignite the magnesium and light your kindling
  •  Long-lasting ferrocerium (flint) rod creates enough sparks to start over 100 fires
  •  Magnesium flakes burn hot and fast, reaching up to 5,400°F to easily ignite any tinder
  •  A bottle opener is included on the steel striker, so you can relax with a cold beverage once your fire is burning steadily