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With Fire Lite™ Fuel Cubes, powering your camp stove has never been easier. These ultralight, eco-friendly fire blocks contain no fossil fuels and are safe for cooking and storing with food. Each individually wrapped block lights with a single spark and burns at 1300°F for 8 minutes even when wet.
  • Lights with a Single Spark - Start your stove or fire in seconds.
  • Bio-Based Ethanol - Cook your camp food with fire blocks that burn clean, contain no fossil fuels, and are sustainably sourced from upcycled waste crop vegetation.
  • 8 Minute Burn Time - A single cube burns at 1300º for 8 minutes and can boil 500 mL of water.
  • Stove Compatible - These fuel blocks are compatible with most folding cook stoves.
  • Highly Portable - Weighing .5 oz. each, add to your pack, campfire cooking equipment, or travel bag.
  • Weatherproof Fire Starters - Build your fire in the most extreme conditions of driving rain, wind, snow, or cold. Fire Lite Fuel Cubes light and burn even when wet.